Tips for Converting your Blog Post to a Press Release

Tips for Converting your Blog Post to a Press Release

Here are some quick tips for converting your blog post to a press release.

  1. Use a Strong Headline – It’s important to write a headline that will catch a reader’s attention and drive them to read your release.
  2. Be Newsworthy – It’s all about the content. Make sure your content is something that readers will find useful and want to learn more about.
  3. Writing the Body – If you are using this press release to drive traffic to a particular blog post, we suggest posting the first paragraph or two of the blog post and then including a link back to your blog post to read more.

    You’ll want to make sure the body is interesting enough to drive the user to click the link to go to your blog and read more. If needed, you may need to rewrite the blog paragraphs you’re including to reel in the reader before they lose interest.

  4. Use Links and Anchor Text – It should be your goal for the press release to drive the reader to take action. Usually this is in the form of a hyperlink that will take the user to your website or blog to continue reading your content or to make a purchase. You should hyperlink keywords in your release body to you website. If you are providing excerpts from your blog post in the release and linking back to your blog for the full text, we suggest adding a sentence like this at the end of your release:
    To read the rest of this blog post, go to:
  5. Be Visual – Using multimedia in a press release has been proven to increase a message’s visibility up to 77%. We suggest using a photo or video whenever possible to maximize your content’s visibility. Learn More

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